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"We have found Bundy Canyon Super Storage to be very user friendly."
MaDonna White
CEO/Founder, Hidden Wineries

Storage Size Guide

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50 sq.ft. Some furniture, for example: a couch and chair, chest of drawers or small dresser, spring mattress set plus small items and boxes. Business - 85 Standard file boxes and small file cabinet. Similar to: Walk-in Closet / Small Bathroom
75 sq.ft. Furnishings from a 1 bedroom apartment without appliances. Some boxes and other small items. Similar to: Large Walk-in Closet
100 sq.ft. Furnishings from a 1 bedroom with appliances, boxes and other items. Business - 170 Standard File boxes, desk and chairs. Similar to: Average Sized Bedroom
150 sq.ft. Furnishings from a 2 bedroom apartment without appliances. Boxes and other small items. Business - 290 Standard files boxes, desks, chairs and file cabinet. Similar to: Large Bedroom
200 sq.ft. Furnishings from a small house with appliances, boxes, or car, truck, or small boat. Business - 370 Standard file boxes small office furniture and excess inventory. Similar to: Small 1 Car Garage.
250 sq.ft. Furnishings from a 2 bedroom house with appliances and boxes, or car, truck, or small boat. Similar to: Standard Garage
300 sq.ft. Furnishings from a 3 bedroom house with appliances or car, truck, or boat. Business - 580 Standard files boxes and small office furniture. Similar to: Long 1 Car Garage
360 sq.ft. Furnishings from a 4 bedroom house with appliances, miscellaneous items and cartons. May also be used to store vehicle along with furniture and other items. Similar to: Large 1 Car Garage.

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